Champion Points

A good distribution of champion points is key to maximizing your damage or healing output, and minimizing the damage that you take.

As of June 2021, the standard PvP champion point for all players that I recommend are:

  Green Blue Red
Slotable 1
Steed’s Blessing: Increase movement speed by 20% out of combat.
Unassailable: Reduces AoR damage by 10% (Including Proxy and most ultimates)
Slippery: Automatically break free, coll down of 21 seconds.
Slotable 2
Gifted Rider: Increase mount speed by 10%
Resilience: Reduces critical damage by 10%
Variable (usually health)
Slotable 3
Rationer: Adds 30 minutes to the duration of food/drink.
Variable (damage or healing)
Variable (usually armour)
Slotable 4
Variable (damage or healing)
Variable (usually regen)


Most groups will want to use the red tree for extra health, armour or regen.

Most groups will have their damage dealers use the blue tree for extra damage (area, crit, etc).

Healing compositions will want variable blue tree choices, and if the healing composition has someone running Transmutation, then the Resilience slotable is less critical.

  • Cleanse Sorcs, Healing Necromancers and any healer using Curse Eater will want Salve of Renewal to add an area heal centred on any player on whom they remove a negative effect.
  • Templar healers and other burst roles should use From the Brink to provide a shield when healing low health targets.
  • One or two healers in group should use Enlivening Overflow to increase the team’s regeneration by 150 (on overheal).