Champion Points

A good distribution of champion points is key to maximizing your damage or healing output, and minimizing the damage that you take.

In the blue tree:

  • If you are a magicka DPS, for every 7 points that you have available, put 3 points in Elemental Expert, 2 points in Elfborn, 1 point in Spell Erosion and 1 point in Thaumaturge.
  • If you are a pure healer, then an even split between extra healing (Blessed) and crit healing (Elfborn) is more viable.
  • If you are a hybrid damage/healing templar, then for every 6 points that you have available, put 2 points in Blessed, 1 point in Elemental Expert, 1 point in Elfborn, 1 point in Spell Erosion, and 1 point in Thaumaturge.
  • If you are a stamina DPS, then for every 5 points that you have, put 3 in Mighty, 1 in Piercing, and 1 in Precise Strikes. Some high crit builds work better with 3 in Mighty to 2 in Precise Strikes and 1 in Piercing, and some players who use more heavy attacks like having 27 points or more in their main weapon expert (bow or 2H).
  • There are also some interesting builds that put 100 points in penetration, notably due to the significant number of people who are wearing 5 pieces of heavy armour in this patch.

In the green tree:

  • Cost reduction vs resource regeneration is a regular debate among players. If you are going to spam abilities continuously, then cost reduction is better for the short term. If you are going to cast, move off to regenerate resources or reposition to the next opposing force, and go (back) in with the intent of having very high burst, then regeneration is better. With the diminished returns of high champion point allocation, until you have enough to fill up multiple choices a relatively even distribution is likely the best choice for you.
  • Note that many builds will use some of the other resource. Magicka builds need stamina more than stamina builds need magicka, so if you play a magicka build then having 27 points (10%) in stamina regeneration (and vice versa) can be very helpful if you have enough base regeneration for 10% to make a difference.
  • Most stamina builds will want a reduction in the cost of roll dodge, as it is their primary escape / repositioning mechanism, so you may want to put some points in there too.
  • Most blocking builds will want a reduction in the cost of blocking. In the blocking builds I’ve tried to date, 15% is a reasonable number.

In the red tree:

Almost everyone will want the same distribution of points in this tree.

  • 48 Points in Resistant (The math behind this suggestion can be found here: – also linked from the Defence section) gives you 15% mitigation of crit damage.
  • Either 10 points (4%) or 27 points (10%) in Quick Recovery. If you go 27 points in Quick Recovery, you might as well add 3 more for the Infusion passive.
  • Some shield builds will want points in Bastion.
  • Your remaining points should be split between Hardy (physical damage mitigation) and Elemental Defender (magic damage mitigation). I prefer 3 points in Elemental Defender to 2 points in Hardy due to the excessive amount of Detonations and Destro Ultimates lately.
  • I also prefer adding some points to Thick Skinned for mitigation of damage over time (which includes the Detonation morphs – Inevitable and Proxy). If you choose to do this, then 2 points in Hardy to 2 points in Elemental Defender to 1 point in Thick Skinned works nicely.