Place holder for Paragon stuff. This will probably look like ramblings until I put it in order and make it look pretty. Expect that to be a few weeks from now.

Solo Queue

Note that everything I write here is based on you playing in low to mid level MMR. Once you reach the border of Gold/Platinum, this all changes. Until you reach that point, pay attention to Nait’s rules:

  1. Don’t play a support in solo queue. Just don’t. The grand majority of people who you end up with on your team will not be very good. It doesn’t matter how good of a support you are, you’re not going to enable them to carry most of the time unless your opponents are nowhere near as good as your team mates. If you want to win games in solo queue, you need to be able to carry your team.
  2. Don’t play Kallari. She may look like a wicked cool ninja, but she has a very high skill cap, and unless you are very experienced with her, you’re going to fall off late game and be mostly useless. A lot of people simply dodge queue when they see a Kallari. Until she gets a rework, it’s good to play her a few times in bot games to learn her, though it’ll be 1 in 20 Kallaris who are competent.
  3. In most solo queue games, you want three people who can hold lane. The player who is constantly moving around, unless said player is amazing, is going to fall behind. As you get better and play with people who are more experienced, you’ll find that you can do well with two lane holders.
  4. You can’t 1v2. You definitely can’t 1v3. If one of your team mates gets caught out by 4 opponents, don’t run in and think that you’re going to save him. You won’t. You’re just going to get killed and feed your opponents. You might think that you’re the best 360-no-scope bad-ass who ever lived. You’re not. Just don’t do it. Fight as a team, or farm.

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