Raid Requirements

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Updates for Summerset will be made a week or two after launch.


This document was created in order to give newer players and regular groups an idea of how to build their group compositions, how to gear, skill, and ensure that they have coverage for all the potential requirements that running a group entails. This document is oriented towards medium to large groups, and is probably not as appropriate for small groups where everyone has more responsibilities and different build requirements.

Note that this is by no means a complete list or guide, and should be taken as the beginning of a “raid guide” document if your guild or regular group does not already have one.

You are welcome to make your own copy of this document – as many guilds have already done – and further develop it on your own to best suit your guild or group’s needs. I’m sure that the community would appreciate that any contributions or edits that you make in your own document be submitted back into this one for other players to benefit.


The purpose of this section is to give you an overview of the roles and responsibilities that most leader want to have in raids. By learning what these roles and their responsibilities are, you’ll be able to pick the one or ones that are most appropriate for your play style and better be able to contribute to your group’s success.

Each role may have multiple builds that work for it, and can serve multiple responsibilities. It is also important to note that each role’s responsibilities may be different depending on the size of your group. If you’re running 10 players or running 24 players, what you do to contribute to the group’s success may be very different!

Roles and their responsibility possibilities:

  1. Damage
    1. AoE damage
    2. Single target damage
    3. Execute damage
  2. Healing
    1. AoE healing
    2. Burst (single target) healing
    3. Cross healing
  3. Support
    1. Buffs (positive effects)
    2. Purging
    3. Speeds (retreating maneuvers)
    4. Disruption (fearing) or other hard cc / knock backs
    5. Snares, slows, and immobilization (caltrops, ice staff spells, poisons)
    6. Defile & Debuffs (negative effects including poisons)
There are multiple classes and builds that can meet each set of responsibilities, and every group should have at least one (and often multiple) players meeting each of them.

For example, a magicka DPS player might slot purge, and a healing templar might slot jesus beam for execute damage. If you assume only one role and one responsibility, then you may not be able to perform well unless you are in a very large group where you depend on everyone else to perform (and get carried).

Some groups that have a very specific group composition have players with a single responsibility (such as spam purge or retreating maneuvers).

Nobody is perfect, and it’s your responsibility to cover for other people as you can while assuming your responsibilities.



  • If you are healing, you must have a set of Earthgore. You might not always use it, but it is currently one of the best options for healers in most circumstances. If you are a DPS, you should also have a set of Earthgore available for the times when your group is light on healers or want the added safety of one more emergency heal.
  • All your gear must have the Impenetrable trait, unless you’re running the Impregnable set (which you should not usually be doing in larger groups).
  • You must have tri-stat enchants on at least your major pieces (head / chest / pants).
  • You must have at least 25k health. 28k health is preferred on players other than the bombers.
  • Tri-stat food is prefered for almost all builds as it gives the magicka builds added stamina to break free, roll dodge, and sprint more. Your regen will suffer slightly, and groups should compensate for that with more synergies (shards/balls) and time for heavy attacks and moving out to restore resources. Alternative food/drink is listed in the builds section for each defined build.
  • With very few exceptions for some specific stamina builds, you should be a vampire. Elusive Mist will get you out of a lot of tight spots or bombs, and Invigorating Drain can help you rebuild your ultimate quickly in some builds. The added resource regeneration, faster stealth movement, and reduced damage when at lower health are all great benefits. Note that you will take more fire damage (notably from fire siege and destro ultimates), so play accordingly.
  • You must have appropriate immovable potions available during raids. These will be called for when attacking or when being attacked to prevent you from bring crowd controlled. Common potions used are health/immovable/magicka and health/immovable/stamina. Some players like using immovable/stamina/speeds, though it is important to note that Retreating Maneuvers Major Expedition buff will overwrite the buff from the potion, rendering the speed portion irrelevant.

BUILD REQUIREMENTS (Specific to Magicka/Stamina/Ultimate)

  • If you are in a magicka build and are not a healer, you should have a destro staff back bar for the destro ultimate (eye).
  • If you are a Magicka build (healers included), you must have Proxy Detonation on your back bar. Some groups may want their stamina builds to also run this skill. It will do less damage, though the 2k extra damage from stamina players’ proxy detonations add up if there are a few of them.
  • If you are a Stamina build, you must have one of the variants of Vigor on your bar. Some groups may want to (and should do so if they can) organize such that they have all three versions of Vigor available (Resolving, Echoing, and the unmorphed Vigor) so that they can stack all three at the same time. This works the same way as Regeneration / Rapid Regeneration / Mutagen whereby a player can have all three HoTs (Heal over Time) on them at the same time.
  • If you are a sorcerer, you must have Negate as the ultimate on one of your bars.
  • If you are a Warden, you must have Permafrost (Sleet) as the ultimate on one of your bars.


  • When joining the group, confirm your role and responsibilities, as well as the ultimates you’re running. The group leader will probably assign you a number, group or set for your ultimate and will call for it when needed. If the group uses an ultimate tracker addon, enable it.
  • When the group leader makes a call, follow it. Even if you think it’s wrong, even if it’s a horrible call, if people don’t follow the calls then you will lose in the long run. Discuss the calls made after the fighting is over.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If you see a group of proxys and destros moving at you, don’t just stand there waiting for the leader to make a call. Move out of the way.


  • Read this:
  • Now seriously, if you haven’t read all of it, go back and read it. You may think that you know everything, and it’s very possible that you do. Go back and read it all so that if there is anything wrong, a mistake was made, or if there’s more information that you believe should be added you can let Nait (@crown77) know so that he can update/fix/add whatever is needed.
  • Most important are the Offence, Defence, and Siege sections, though again, READ IT ALL.
  • If there’s something you didn’t understand, ask questions. There’s no shame in asking questions. We’d rather you ask questions than be the reason that we wiped.
  • Join the ESO PvP Discord. There are sometimes very interesting discussions, you can ask questions in the appropriate sections, and you can help other players by answering their questions.

NORMS (META) FOR 2018 (February Patch)

Magicka Nightblades are the group’s main damage. They tend to build squishy so that their destro ultimates hit as hard as possible. NBs will get most of the killing blows (proc’ing the Combat Frenzy passive) via Vicious Death procs, and use Soul Harvest to get their ultimates up again very quickly.

Stamina Sorcerers tend to build for higher stamina resource sustain, and provide Retreating Maneuvers and Caltrops for the group. They run Negate as their ultimate. The group needs to have one stamina support for every 10-12 players.

Magicka Sorcerers tend to build for higher magicka resource sustain, provide cc on opponents with Encase, and use purges to remove debuffs / reduce the duration of future debuffs. Most run Negate as their ultimate. The group need to have one magicka support for every 8 players.

Magicka Templars are the healers of the group, and will run Remembrance ultimates for massive healing when the group is being bombed. They will each run a complementary healing support set so that the group has optimal buffs. The group needs to have one healer for every 4 players.

Specialized or niche builds can be of great benefit to the group, though too many of them will take away from an optimal group composition. One magicka Warden in a defile build, and one magicka DK in a cc build can make great additions to a larger group.

Stamina Wardens are similar to Stamina Sorcerers in gear, though also use their stamina healing (Soothing Spores) which is not affected by being in an opposing player’s Negate. Stamina Wardens tend to have the highest damage from their Shalks, and coordinating these with their own Dawnbreakers and magicka players’ Proxy Detonations can insta-wipe opposing players. If there no magicka Wardens in group, then stamina Wardens will take on the responsibility for Sleet ultimates.

In every group of 12 players, optimal ultimates are usually going to be something like (+ or – 1 on each) the following, so that the group has multiple waves of ultimates available.

  • 2-3 Negates
  • 2-3 Remembrance
  • 2 Permafrost
  • 4-6 Eye of the Storm (destros)


The following are sample builds that should be commonly found in organized groups with a good compositions.

Note: While the initial suggestion for many of the magicka builds is 5 light / 1 medium / 1 heavy, most of these can be run with 1 light / 1 medium / 5 heavy for more survivability. This can be either an individual or group decision.

STAMINA SORC or TEMPLAR (Speeds / Vigor)

5 x Bone Pirate’s Tatters
5 x Eternal Hunt
Or 5 x
2 x Earthgore
Or 2 x Blood Spawn
1 Light / 5 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Stamina Cost Reduction / 2 Stamina Recovery
Critical Skills: Vigor, Shuffle, Retreating Maneuvers, Caltrops, Elusive Mist, Repentance (if Templar)
Ultimates: Negate
Food: Dubious Camoran Throne for max health, max stamina, and stamina recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: There should be one stamina build of the two above for every 10 players in group. One of each, then one more of either when the group hits 20+ is optimal. Their primary responsibility is to keep Retreating up, drop Caltrops where opponents are going or on the group when trying to escape or spread, and keep Vigor up when needed.


5 x Alteration Mastery
Or 5 x Shalk
Or 5 x Tava’s’s+Favor+Set
5 x Akaviri Dragonguard
2 x Blood Spawn
Or 2 x Earthgore
5 Light / 1 Medium / 1 Heavy or 1 Light / 1 Medium / 5 Heavy (group dependent)
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Magicka Cost Reduction / 2 Magicka Recovery
Critical Skills: Purge or Cleanse, Restraining Prison (encase), Proxy Detonation, Elusive Mist, Heroic Slash (if not running Shalk set), Invigorating Drain (generate 2 ult per second when possible)
Ultimates: Negate / Eye of the Storm (destro)
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for max health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: This is the negate bot, who also spams Restraining Prison when in combat. Do not underestimate the power of the snare.


5 x Vicious Death
5 x Spinner
1 x Domihaus
6 Light / 0 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 3 Spell Damage
Critical Skills: Mage’s Wrath (Get those killing blows!), Crit Surge, Proxy Detonation
Ultimates: Negate / Eye of the Storm (destro)
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for max health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes


5 x Alteration Mastery
Or 5 x Lich
5 x Vicious Death
2 x Grothdarr
or 2 x Valkyn Skoria
5 Light / 1 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Magicka Cost Reduction / 2 Magicka Recovery
Critical Skills: Cleanse, Fear, Volcanic Rune, Proxy Detonation, Elusive Mist
Ultimates: Eye of the Storm (destro) / Soul Harvest
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for max health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: This is the fear spammer, or in the case of placed fear trap, constantly recasting both fear trap and volcanic rune as they’re hit or the group moves in order to hard-cc the most opponents. This player may run Vicious Death for kills during Destros or with siege.

MAGICKA SORC (Purge Monkey)

Pick 2 of these:

2 x Blood Spawn
Or 2 x Earthgore
5 Light / 1 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Magicka Cost Reduction / 2 Magicka Recovery
Critical Skills: Efficient Purge or Cleanse, Encase, Proxy Detonation, Elusive Mist
Ultimates: Negate / Eye of the Storm (destro) / Dawnbreaker of Smiting
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for max health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: This role is the purge-monkey. If you’re in combat, and taking damage, then this player keeps casting Efficient Purge or Cleanse (if they can support it).


5 x Fasala’s Guile
5 x Alteration Mastery
2 x Earthgore
1 Light / 1 Medium / 5 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Magicka Cost Reduction / 2 Magicka Recovery
Critical Skills: Corrupting Pollen, Elusive Mist, Gripping Shards
Ultimates: Permafrost (sleet) / Enchanted Forest (trees)
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for max health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: This is the one defiler in a group. Being in range of opponents keeps Minor Defile up from Fasala’s Guile, and spamming Corrupting Pollen on opponents keeps Major Defile on them. Occasional heals, and use Gripping Shards for the immobilize (similar to DK Talons).

STAMINA WARDEN or other classes (Damage)

5 x Hunding’s Rage’s+Rage+Set
5 x Spriggan’s Thorns’s+Thorns+Set
2 x Earthgore
1 Light / 5 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 2 Weapon Damage / 1 Stamina Recovery
Critical Skills: Subterranean Assault (Shalk), Vigor, Caltrops, Retreating Maneuvers, Quick Cloak, Steel Tornado
Ultimates: Dawnbreaker / Enchanted Forest (trees)
Food: Dubious Camoran Throne for max health, max stamina, and stamina recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: Coordinating Subterranean Assault and Dawnbreaker is going to bring almost any opponent(s) to execute range.

TEMPLAR MAGICKA HEALER (In different healing support sets)

5 x Kagrenac’s Hope’s+Hope+Set
5 x Transmutation (one in group)
Or 5 x Twilight Remedy
Or 5 x Sanctuary (one in group, two for large groups)
Or 5 x Gossamer (one in group can be nice)
Or 5 x Spell Power Cure (all other other healers)
2 x Earthgore
One healer must have 2 x Troll King
1 Light / 1 Medium / 5 Heavy (group dependent, as some builds and play styles work with 5 light)
Jewellery Enchants: 1 Magicka Cost Reduction / 2 Magicka Recovery
Critical Skills: Extended Ritual, Purifying Light, Proxy Detonation, Elusive Mist, Healing Springs
Ultimates: Remembrance / Bats
Food: Witch Mother’s Potent Brew for mac health, max magicka, and magicka recovery
Vampire: Yes
Note: These are the main raid healers. Remembrance is a lower cost ultimate, so should be used liberally. Remember that you can’t move while casting it, so the group leader needs to hear you call that you’re casting it in voice comms.

BOMBERS (Most – if not all remaining players should be magicka bombers)

Nightblades are preferred due to passives and ult regen on Soul Harvest
Dark Elf preferred (max magicka / fire damage is the best for fire destro ultimates)
5 x Vicious Death
5 x Mechanical Acuity
or 5 x Spinner
2 x Grothdarr
or 2 x Valkyn Skoria
5 Light / 1 Medium / 1 Heavy
Jewellery Enchants: 3 Spell Damage
Critical Skills: Elemental Blockade (most), Proxy Detonation, Elusive Mist
Other Critical Skills for some players to run: Energy Orb (Undaunted Skill Line)
DK: Critical Skill for Dragon Knights: Choking Talons, Unrelenting Grip, Deep Breath
DK: Ultimates: Eye of the Storm (Destro Ult) / Take Flight (leap)
NB: Critical Skill for Nightblades: Merciless Resolve, Fear (either morph is valuable), Sap Essence
NB: Ultimates: Eye of the Storm (Destro Ult) / Soul Harvest (front bar for more ult regen)
Templar: Critical Skill for Templars: Extended Ritual, Luminous Shards, Jesus Beam
Templar: Ultimates: Eye of the Storm (Destro Ult) / Nova or Remembrance
Sorc: Critical Skill:  Restraining Prison, Defensive Rune
Sorc: Ultimates: Eye of the Storm (Destro Ult) / Negate (backup if no others are up)
Warden: Critical Skill: Deep Fissure, Bird of Prey, Shimmering Shield, Ice Fortress, Gripping Shards
Warden: Ultimates: Permafrost (sleet) / Enchanted Forest (trees)
Food: Tri-stat max health, max magicka, max stamina
Vampire: Yes

Note: Wardens will be providing Major Resolve and Major Ward from their Ice Fortress spell. Other classes do not need to maintain their own (which can free up a slot), though the benefits of whatever skill they use (Focus/Hurricane/Volatile/etc) that provides these buffs may outweigh the value of an extra skill slot. Like everything, players have to find what works best for them.

Note: This is where the damage comes from. Everyone will help support the group with some spells, with the majority of damage coming from Proxys and ultimates (Destros or Permafrost). Players should let the group leader know when their ultimates are up (if not using an addon to keep track of ultimates). Once the ultimates have finished, the group will clean up with single target / executes or simply move off to rebuild destros and get ready to come back.

Note: Most of these players have lower regen. They are built to be able to output the majority of their damage in 5 to 8 seconds, and then move off. If you don’t kill an opponent, that’s fine, you’ll get them next time. Your priority is to stay alive, rebuild your ultimate, and be ready to go back in and kill more opponents as soon as you can!



If the build that you like playing isn’t listed, then please discuss it with leadership. If there’s a particular build that would benefit the group that has not been thought of, it should be added here. You may be the meanest fucking 1 v Potato badass around, but we play in groups and need everyone to synergise for the greatest likelihood of success when fighting our opponents who are also running in groups (or zergs).


I’ve added the Creative Commons Non Commercial license details to the document, primarily so that nobody tries to sell a copy of this (as someone previously tried to do with the guides on my web site turned into PDFs).


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