Crown MTG CardWelcome to my ESO PvP Guides. There are way too many people saying way too many different things about PvP. This is my attempt to ensure that as many people as possible are not given false, misleading, or wrong information.
Why should you listen to me? My main character on PC/NA was Crown, Alliance War Grand Overlord (the highest PvP rank that you can get) and the first North American AD player to reach that rank.
I have been playing since about three months after launch, and have been in Cyrodiil (PvP) since mid 2014. Between all of my characters, I’ve been crowned Emperor more than 400 times (that I kept track of) on every campaign since Thornblade (I believe that I’ve worked hard at and deserved most of those – though a few were night capped or PvDoored by other people while I was sleeping), and I have helped more people than I care to remember become Emperor and/or make it to the top 2% of the leader boards in every campaign I’ve played.
Do you have to listen to me? No. If you don’t want to / care to, stop reading and go do something more fun. If you are relatively new to the game and want to read some of my advice or want to know more about the numbers behind AP and critical hits / impenetrable, then please do read on and perhaps it can help you be a better player.
If you would like to chat about games, or join us and be social, please feel free to hop into the Just Chill Discord. Some of the old timers from Alacrity, Venatus, Moonlight, Majestic 12, Misfitz, Victorem, Resilient, RAGE, Vehemence, Just Chill, GG, and Yellow Jackets are there to keep track of where our friends have gone, what they’re currently playing, and simply keep in touch.
If you’re into costume and gear design or aesthetics, a sample of all the PvP colours can be found here.
On to the guides!