CrownThere are way too many people saying way too many different things about PvP. This is my attempt to ensure that as many people as possible are not given false, misleading, or wrong information.

Some of the information here may seem obvious to you. Please keep in mind that my goal is to education new players, and help longer term players identify any gaps in their knowledge. Along with all that you’ll find some interesting math, detailed spreadsheets with the math behind how and why things work, and some of my own thoughts and strategies on PvP.

On to the guides!

If you would like to join us and be social, please feel free to hop into the Just Chill Discord. Some of the old timers from Alacrity, Venatus, Moonlight, Decibel, Majestic 12, Misfitz, Victorem, Resilient, RAGE, Vehemence, Fantasia, Just Chill, Golden Gryphons, Yellow Jackets, Vae Victis, Chal Basement Battalion, Short Bus, Chapter House and others are there to keep track of where our friends have gone, what they’re currently playing, and simply keep in touch.

My current PvP characters are as follows. This is also (similar to) the signature of my ESO forums account:

Character Name Faction Class Spec Comment
Crown AD Nightblade Magicka First AD/NA Grand Overlord (2015/12/26)
Nait AD Dragon Knight Magicka Not a Grand Overlord
Naitachal AD Templar Magicka Grand Overlord
Coroin AD Warden Magicka Also not a Grand Overlord
Common Sense AD Warden Stamina Currently learning how to be a stam warden
Necronomicrown AD Necromancer Magicka Likes his name, but is too lazy to even think about Grand Overlord
Fail Sorc AD Sorcerer Magicka Thinks trying to reach Grand Overlord would be a bad idea
Coronar DC Templar Magicka Will probably never be a Grand Overlord without a faction change
Rematar EP Templar Magicka Was more than half way there when we faction changed
Wyre EP Sorcerer Magicka The first sorcerer is named Fail Sorc for a reason
Bloody Crown EP Warden Magicka Got bored with templar & [email protected]